Thursday, August 22, 2013


Well, another successful summer of shows are done. The last 2 weeks were pretty fun and eventful. Everything from crowds from 4-400, getting lynched by uninformed feministas, 1 exploded alternator, 4 blown club breakers, 627 hard iced teas, couple a weird beers, 3 goddamn delicious burgers, and 1 diligent driver. Thanks to everyone who lets us crash on their floor/couch/bed!!

We also want to apologize to everyone that wanted to see us at burgerfest for the technical difficulties during our set(?). What can I say, when you play with a drumb machine, and rely on monitors so much...things are bound to get fucked eventually. We always travel with our own monitors, but with the short changeover times, we didn't have time to set them up. Lesson learned. But DON'T WORRY, we're gonna be back in Vancouver on Oct.11 for our label bro's ANION record release at the Astoria to make it up!! Here's the FB event...

In membership news, Jim has left the band to focus on his sick sludge band The Weir. Go check them out! Much love and good luck to that dude! Aaron and I are going to carry on as a 2pc for now. *que circus music*.

Our first order of business as a 2pc is to record a song for a 25th anniversary Forbidden Dimension tribute album that the dudes from 6ftplus are putting out, i'm told the release date is Oct or so.

Stay rad!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Video! Tour!

So, it's been a while since we've updated this thing. Here's what's been going on...

We've released a video for a brand new song called This Disease is Worse than Rabies! Shot by Ryan Dyer...check out his crazy 'zine Wok of Entrails.

We're also hitting the road again in Aug. Here's the dates...

In other news...we have some other things that we're working on in the form of a contribution to a Forbidden Dimension tribute album, as well as one for a "Vannin'" compilation! We're also still in talks with our boyfriends The Great Sabatini about doing a split release. No real deets yet, but something will probably be happening before the year is out.

Stay hard,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Shows and stuff!!!

OK!! We have some good news, and some bad news....bad news is that we have had to cancel the little east stint we were going to do this month, which would have included a proper 7" release show in wpg(home of our label). We apologize to Lee, and The Strap, it just wasn't in the cards for us this year. We'll make it out that way fersure next year!! 

Good news is....we DO have some cool fall shows coming up!!! Sept.13 with Relapse artists JUCIFER!!! Oct 7 w/some band called WAKE, and our new Vancouger bros CATHAR, and WEIRDING!! We're also doing a few dates  in Oct with our label mates and super-bros THE GREAT SABATINI!!! Go check them out!!

Sept 13 - The Distillery w/Jucifer - Calgary, AB

Oct 7 - The Bamboo w/Wake, Cathar, Weirding - Calgary, AB

Oct 12 - Avenue w/The Great Sabatini - Edmonton, AB

Oct 13 - Dickens w/The Great Sabatini  - Calgary, AB

Oct 14 - Amigos w/The Great Sabatini  - Saskatoon, SK

We've also been writing some new fiiiiilthy jams with Jim that will be recorded at some point, and surface in some form. As always...go download our records from our Bandcamp page, or go to No List Records for physical copies.

Go like us on Facebook!!!

Stay loud,

Monday, June 4, 2012

New NEWS!!!

Continuing with tradition of only updating every 2 or 3 we go!

Wanna thank Kataplexis and Sweet Cop, Sour Cop...and everyone for ringing in our new Helen Keller 7" with us last weekend!! Rad times with rad bros!!

Speaking of rad bros...Aaron and I want you to meet our new bass player, Jim Hudson!! Jim rules guitar in The Weir, and as those who saw him rock with us at our release, saw him bring the siiiiick mawsh!! We're so stoked to have him aboard!

We have now uploaded the Helen Keller 7" to bandcamp, you can buy it for $5....BUT....we've also uploaded the the bonus remix stuff which is called "Kelen Heller(redux)"....and them shits are "name your price"!! we've also changed all the other albums to "name your price".'s the new 2012 compilation we're on from Apocalypse Sunrise. It's "name your price", and includes Canadian heavyweights The Great Sabitini, ANION, Titan, BIIPIIGWAN, The Weir, Vilipend, and more!!


June 21 DEAD ISLAND at Vicious Circle - Calgary, AB

July 13 at The Branding Iron - Armstrong, BC

July 14 BURGERFEST at Submerged Studios - Vancouver, BC

July 15 HOUSE SHOW (details to come...) - Vancouver, BC

Aug 16 at The New Black - Calgary, AB

We're also working on a short east tour near the end of summer. Updates when we have 'em!!

Stay loud,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lotsa NEWS!!! it's been a while, and the news and updates have been building up!!! Here we go....

First off, we have a Calgary release party date for the 7"!! Friday June 1 at Broken City w/our boyfriends Kataplexis!! This will be your first look at our new sexy slimmed down lineup...get hard!
Speaking of shows...we are also playing Burgerfest in Vancouver July 14 w/our brothers in noise ANION!! We are also working on Victoria and some interior shows for that trip. Anyone who wants to help us out with those is more than welcome!! celebration of releasing our first 7" of right now all our material at bandcamp is FREE for the downloading!!! Go grab them shits!!! As always, you can grab physical copies at No List Records, and our Bigcartel site.

I also promised I would upload a song from the 7", and I'm going to....but you're gonna hear it first on THE END TIMES TRANSMISSIONS next Thursday!!! It's definitely gonna be one of these songs. Tune in and burn out!! We're also going to be on the 2012 Apocalypse Sunrise Canadian Comp with some fucking dope bands you all know!! So stoked!!!

whew....stay gay.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Not a digital 7"!!!

We decided to scrap the digital idea and make this bitch legit by going VINYL!!'s the first look at the cover of our new "helen keller" VINYL 7" on NO LIST RECORDS!!! It's now in the can, and sounds ROWDY(here's Aaron killing it in the studio thanks to Kieran McAuley!! We're still working out the details regarding packaging, but if it ends up being anything close to what we've been talking about, it's gonna be sick! Release date is still unknown, but probably like May-ish. Also, stay tuned for for show announcements soon!!

Also, check out this video for Hello Predator:

Stay loud!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Digital 7"!!!

We are super stoked to announce that we're gonna be hitting the studio in a couple weeks to record 3 new songs that will be released in the form of a digital 7"!! This is gonna happen fast, so stay tuned for updates. This is just the start of rad things that'll be happening in 2012!!

Stay loud!!